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  • Binance Earn’s self-sufficient business model provides reasonable rewards and avoids over-subsidization.
  • Binance Earn has a balance of liquid and locked offerings.
  • Binance Earn carefully monitors on-chain staking percentage and savings LTV (loan to value) ratio.
  • Users can readily access top-class educational materials through the Binance Earn site.

Increased market volatility is a natural time for investors and traders to reassess their positions. Whether the market is up or down, a responsible investor should consider their portfolio and appetite for risk. 

With recent market movements, many of you will probably have found yourself in this position and are currently reflecting on the best choices to make. Before committing to any decision, you should look at the risk level of each investment. Whether you’re simply HODLing crypto, staking it, or in a futures position, it’s basic risk management to take stock.

If you’re already a Binance Earn user, we’re here to help. Let’s break down the risks involved with the service, its products, and how it manages your assets.

What is Binance Earn?

Binance Earn is a world-leading crypto passive income platform. Its wide selection of interest-bearing products is suitable for first-time users through to crypto natives. As such, it’s become a mainstay for Binance users who want to earn without leaving the Binance ecosystem.

How Binance Earn Has Created a Trusted Platform

Even in volatile market conditions, Binance Earn enables users to generate passive crypto income. The platform ensures that funds are managed through a set of key metrics: 

No subsidies

Reasonable rewards rates are vital in creating a model that operates without the need for external funds. Each product is self-sufficient, and no subsidies are required to run them. These facts make Binance Earn a sustainable platform with a self-sustaining operating mechanism.


Binance Earn aims to hold a balance of liquid and locked offerings. For example, ETH liquidity at Binance Earn is currently distributed in the following ways:

  • 70% in Spot wallets and 30% in Binance Earn 
  • Within Binance Earn, 55% on-chain for ETH 2.0, 42% in Savings for lending, and 3% in liquidity pools

Monitored on-chain staking and savings loan-to-value ratios

Binance Earn carefully monitors its on-chain staking and LTV (loan to value) ratio. For reference, ETH-related numbers at Binance Earn are currently as follows:

  • On-chain staking ratio (17% of exchange) and loan-to-value ratio (33%)
  • Binance ETH 2.0 also provides a liquidity solution: the BETH/ETH trading pair explained in detail further below

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